Russian meets Norwegian

RuN Project Tools Page


This page presents various program tools developed by Vladislav Dorokhin and Boris Orekhov for the RuN Project.

Here you can find an on-line version of the script that helps to prepare texts
for the alignment. You upload the plain text file and get an XML file as a result.

Please note that your TXT-file must be true UTF-8 and the name of the file is important.
For further information please read the description.

splitter for hunalign

Reverse order

This is a plain sentence splitter based on the script above. It prepares texts for a hunalign program and presents an output text one sentence per line.
If you have Perl on your computer you can download
a console version of the script. Please read the description before you use the script.
Feel free to contact me and to send bug-reports:
Boris Orekhov